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Do You Want to Lower Your Risk for Malpractice?

Do You Want to Lower Your Risk for Malpractice?

For any health professional, if you are subjected to a medical malpractice lawsuit, it can be a terrible and expensive experience. But how can you avoid it exactly?

Acuity Revenue Consulting shares the key to avoiding this sticky situation altogether. It is by enhancing patient satisfaction!

How do the two ideas coincide with each other? Think about it. If your patients get satisfied in your quality of service, then they will not even consider filing a malpractice lawsuit against you. Most probably not.

How can you measure patient satisfaction?

  • Offer your clients with regular surveys.
  • Monitor your “net promoter” score.
  • Conduct your focus groups or patient interviews.

Check in with a client within 24-48 hours of their last visit. This will keep you informed on how well your practice did and how much more you can improve your services.

How can you improve patient satisfaction?

  • Shorten Long Wait Times
    No one likes to wait. The longer your patients have to sit in the waiting room, the more they are prone to becoming irritated. No worries, our consulting services have dedicated strategies that can help you.
  • Improve Communication
    Clear communication build trust and better relationships between physicians and clients. With these in play, patients are more likely to feel satisfied with the services they receive.
  • Add Warm Lighting in the Office
    The ambiance may be a small thing, but making your patients feel welcome in your clinic can leave a lasting positive impression.
    Open your blinds and let that warm sunshine in!

Would you like assistance?

Enhancing patient satisfaction and Medical consulting in Mequon, Wisconsin happen to be a few of our many specialties. If ever you find yourself needing assistance on the matter, know that we are only one call away.

For more information regarding our services, feel free to check our website or reach out to us. Don’t forget to share this post with your colleagues and friends as well!

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