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How to Deal with Physician Burnout Caused by EMR

How to Deal with Physician Burnout Caused by EMR

Physician burnout is a real struggle. Many physicians become overwhelmed not only by their medical practices in Wisconsin but also with administrative tasks like EMR, thus, contributing to their burnout. To deal with this, here are some key tips to follow:

  • Undergo EMR training.
    EMR is essential in improving the efficiency of your medical billing services. Thus, it is a task that you cannot handle idly. Instead of getting burned out trying to get around the processes and workflow of your EMR system, it is faster and more efficient for you to learn through EMR training.
  • Provide feedback to the EMR solution provider.
    One of the qualifications of a good EMR solution provider is strong customer support. If you have any problems or concerns with the EMR system, you should be able to reach them easily. They should then be able to provide solutions to your concerns. Receiving immediate support after providing feedback will prevent you from building stress.
  • Designate an EMR specialist.
    Instead of having everyone learn their way around the EMR system, it may be more suitable for your practice to have an EMR specialist. This staff member’s main responsibility is the EMR system, which includes (but not limited to) learning how to use the software and how to ensure there’s consistency with its usage. They will also provide consulting services regarding EMR to ensure that everyone who uses it is well-trained.

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