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How to File for a Health Insurance Claim

How to File for a Health Insurance Claim

Filing for a health insurance claim means filing a request to have the money you paid out for a medical service reimbursed. In some cases, this request may not be for reimbursement but for direct payment to medical practices in Wisconsin.

Ways to File a Claim

Generally, you have two ways to file a claim. One of the ways, and is the most commonly used one, is having the medical services provider do it through their medical billing services. This option is less troublesome for the patient.

The second option is filing the claim yourself. If it is the first time that you are going through the steps of filing a claim, then it may be helpful for you to seek medical consulting in Mequon, Wisconsin.

What’s on Your Claim Form

Understand the bill so you will know what information to write on the health insurance claim form. Typically, you will be required to provide the following details:

  • Insurance policy number
  • The person who received the medical service (primary or dependent)
  • Purpose of the medical service
  • Existence of co-insurance or dual coverage

Don’t forget to obtain itemized receipts as these can be your supporting documents for your claim. They improve the chances of having your claim approved. Make copies, just in case, to make re-filing easier if your initial claim gets rejected. You can submit your claim online once you have completed the requirements for filing.

Acuity Revenue Consulting is more than happy to provide you our consulting services, especially when it comes to medical claims. Regardless if you are a medical professional or an individual, we will hear your concerns. Schedule an appointment with us for a consultation.

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