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iDocsNow: Top Features That Make It Worth the Money

iDocsNow: Top Features That Make It Worth the Money

iDocsNow is a web-based document management tool that is rapidly getting more popular with professionals nowadays. This tool provides convenience for them, especially with their business of medical consulting in Mequon, Wisconsin. iDocsNow also offers a more accurate filing of records for your medical billing services.

  • Easy Scan and Retrieval

    Filing the documents related to your medical practices in Wisconsin is safer and more accessible with iDocsNow. This tool is web-based, so you can scan and store documents as long as you have Internet connectivity. The files are then indexed uniquely, which allows for faster retrieval when you need them for medical consulting in Wisconsin.

  • OCR Technology

    OCR, otherwise known as Optical Character Recognition, is a technology that converts typewritten text to searchable text. Once an invoice is sent out to a client who availed of your consulting services, you can then scan it into the system for conversion and indexing. Filing invoices will no longer be time-consuming then.

    The OCR technology in the iDocsNow system boasts of a 98% accuracy rate. Such a high accuracy rate prevents or limits mistakes that may compromise your medical revenue.

  • Security

    As the iDocsNow system is often used for filing confidential records such as medical billing in Wisconsin, security is one of its top features. All data registered in the system are stored in secure data centers. They are encrypted, too. The integrity and security of your customer’s files are guaranteed.

Acuity Revenue Consulting always chooses the safest and most secure tools. Chat with us if you want to know more about our recommended strategies and tools for medical billing in Milwaukee.

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