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Performance Categories of MIPS to Know About

Performance Categories of MIPS to Know About

MIPS, otherwise known as Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, should be one of the basic knowledge that healthcare professionals with medical practices in Wisconsin should have. This is because MIPS makes it possible for a medical practitioner to enjoy performance-based payment with Medicare Part B.

It will be beneficial to seek medical consulting in Mequon, Wisconsin when you want to enjoy the benefits of MIPS. You need to pass four performance categories for that.

  1. Quality
    In replacement of the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), this category is to determine an eligible clinician’s quality measures to the following: patient experience, care coordination, patient safety, and patient outcomes.
  2. Advancing Care Information
    This category is a replacement for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. Through this category, it becomes possible to determine how well a clinician uses the EHR technology, focusing on interoperability and information exchange objectives.
  3. Improvement Activities
    Every medical practice aims for improvements. In fact, some even seek medical consulting in Mequon Wisconsin just for this. In MIPS, the clinician’s improvements are measured, especially on the objectives of patient safety, access to medical resources, and coordinating care.
  4. Cost
    Otherwise known as Resource Use, the Cost category will focus on the eligible clinician’s measures on resource utilization. This is specially calculated using Medicare claims.

A positive score after calculating the weight of these categories can help with your future medical billing in Milwaukee. Don’t hesitate to ask for a consultant’s help to achieve the best scores on these categories.

Acuity Revenue Consulting will be able to provide you with our consulting services. Don’t hesitate to talk to us, so we can provide you with the right advice on MIPS.

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