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Top Undesirable Consequences of Physician Burnout

Top Undesirable Consequences of Physician Burnout

Physicians who have their own medical practices in Wisconsin are bound to experience stress and burnout. There are a lot of expectations placed on physicians, and some of them are unable to meet those expectations that even include moral values, stress tolerance, and quality work in the scope.

It isn’t just physicians who experience burnout. Everyone in the healthcare industry can suffer from this. Even those who are only providing medical consulting in Mequon, Wisconsin may come to a point when they are unable to handle the pressure.

If you are a healthcare professional, there will be undesirable consequences to stress and burnout. A loss in medical revenue is just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes, physicians may also fall victim to these consequences:

  • Leaving the Practice
    Due to burnout, some physicians may choose to leave their practice. Then, it will be as if they have wasted away the years they spent on college, premed, and medical school. In the unfortunate case when they’ve gone through their schooling through educational loans, they may find it hard to pay off these loans when they hold nonmedical jobs.
  • Remaining in Practice
    Of course, remaining in practice is another option that physicians can take despite feeling burned out. However, there are negative consequences to having burned out physicians on the job. These can include the misuse of drugs and alcohol, self-harm ideation, and broken relationships.

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